The Story

Jessie May, the Saucier & her Magical Tilted Skillet

The first time I was asked to make 48 gallons of white chicken chili, my jaw hit the floor. 48 Gallons??!?! That’s a whole lotta beans…

I was in Orlando, Florida working as the Saucier (chief sauce and soup-maker) for a crazy-amazing catering company when we first met.

This enormous, clunky, archaic Beast of a machine looked like something from a 1970s science-fiction trilogy. It had a huge rectangular griddle, but with tall sides and a hydraulic lift-action like a dump truck.

With my magical tilt skillet, I was able to create tens-of-gallons of soups, chili, braised meats, gravy – you name it. All in one big beautiful batch!

And that’s why I chose the name, The Tilted Skillet.

It means cooking from scratch, building delicious dishes from a foundation of flavor, and feeding tons and tons of people at a time. That’s what we stand for at the Skillet, albeit a little off-kilter.

Bringing Real Food to the masses, one big bite at a time.